Erasmus+ KA2

Information and Communication Technology for Romanian Career Counseling (2014-1-RO01-KA201-002944, beneficiar, perioada de implementare 01.09.1014-31.08.2016, buget total: 125.545 euro, buget C.J.R.A.E. VN: 34.346 euro)

I am not a rasist, but… Anti-discrimination training for unmotivated and resistant adults (2016-1-IS01-KA204-017087, partener, perioada de implementare 01.09.2016-31.08.2018, buget total: 126.090 euro, buget C.J.R.A.E. VN: 24.150 euro)

Education 4 remigrants (2018-1-RO01-KA201-049201, beneficiar, perioada de implementare 01.09.2018-31.08.2020, buget total: 142.062 euro, buget C.J.R.A.E. VN: 30.085 euro)

Empowering Digital Literacy in a Transforming World (2018-1-DE02-KA204-005030, partener, perioada de implementare 01.10.2018-31.08.2020, buget total: 57.720 euro, buget C.J.R.A.E. VN: 11.870 euro)